Control what you can control and be ready for

Indeed, it is better to write about something that your parents did not pay for, although that, too, can work if it truly made an impact on your life.Myth 8: A recommendation from a family friend, who is a well known celebrity/high powered businessman/wealthy, will get me into a prestigious college.Fact: You are applying to an academic institution. Teacher and counselor recommendations will speak to your ability as a student and a member of an academic community, which is what the colleges are looking for. Belief that anything other than your own capabilities and achievements can influence a college decision can be distracting and counter productive.

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Be ready. Stay on top of things because you never know what’s going to happen. Control what you can control and be ready for opportunity. 12. Political offices must be available to average citizens. 13. MBA is not just a course work, it is a rigorous 2 year training program that not just makes a professional out of a student but also enhances his managerial skills loading him with wisdom which shall assist him face the challenges of the dynamic business world. When it comes to grooming of students, FORE walks an extra mile. Along with organizing Industrial visits, Foreign exchange programs etc.

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