We took it as something we wanted to address early on

Even talking about disability and mental health in the Black community can require adopting a language separate from mainstream medical culture. Is commonly understood through a white and wealth privileged lens, says Lewis, the lawyer with HEARD, who helps disabled people facing violence and incarceration across the country. Lewis explains that government officials and even mainstream disability rights leaders often rely on formal definitions of disability that can lead them to overlook the experiences of disabled Black people..

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Were not sitting at home and away from hockey as long as other teams and we started playing with almost that same pace that we were playing in the playoffs, so that definitely helped us, especially early playing against teams that were off for a number of months, said Chara. Think that played a big role for being able to play at a much higher pace, but also play with a lot of motivation because of the way we ended last year. We took it as something we wanted to address early on, that it was not going to be affecting us.

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De Grood has been held at psychiatric facilities in Calgary and Edmonton, where psychiatric experts had deemed his progress as good and described him as model patient. While they consider his risk of a violent relapse as low, they said if it were to occur, it would be of high severity. Study done of recidivism among offenders ruled not criminally responsible (NCR) found six per cent of severe cases had re offended within a three year period while for less serious counterparts, that number was 15.3 per cent..

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