Theater chains are also concerned that film studios

Furthermore, the company repaid Rs 343 crore of debt during the quarter, thereby trimming finance costs.Future plansGoing forward, Trident’s operational turnaround will be predominantly driven by the extent and pace with which capacity utilisations at its plants scale up. The company’s plans on this front are as under: To capitalise on the margin accretive potential of the ‘Copier’ branded papers, Trident, the only wheat straw based paper manufacturer in India and the largest across the globe, intends to increase the contribution of the same to the paper segment’s total revenues (from the current level of approximately 60 percent). This will be undertaken gradually through higher capacity allocations (to the tune of 250 275 tons per day) and efforts to seek better realisations.The company is expected to retire high cost long term debt of Rs 108 crore in H2FY18 in a bid to reduce its debt equity ratio from the present level of 0.82x,consequently leading to better earnings visibility.A few roadblocksThough Trident’s growth prospectsseem good,the company’s cash flows from the US market (its biggest top line contributor) are likely to remain volatile because of rupee’s appreciation and yuan depreciation vis vis the US dollar in recent times, financial weaknesses observed in case of some American retailers, and a high degree of competitive intensity in the region.

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