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“If I get the opportunity to strike somebody out, I’m going to try to do it, but I’m just trying to get early contact and get guys out quick,” Dobnak said. “I like to work at a fast pace. Once I get into my rhythm that’s kind of what happens, I work fast.”.

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For now, she said, it’s important to remember this: “The brain isn’t isolated. When you think about your brain health you should be thinking about whole body health, and think about it over your life course. Dementia shows up late in life, but those changes start a decade or more before they show up.

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“This is so new to our field,” Machuca said. “It will be a challenge for physicians to determine which patients truly are candidates and what’s the timing. We don’t want to do it too early when the patient still can recover from COVID lung disease and resume with good quality of life, but also you don’t want to miss the boat and have a patient where it’s futile the patient is too sick.”.

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