Still others are approaching the age where they are

What we’re facing is obviously pretty severe with the pandemic. The Mayor’s proposed revised budget that he put out on May 1st solved for a $649 million budget gap using a combination of drawing down on fund balance reserves, tax increases and cuts. When I started to look through it, I thought tax increases should be the last resort during a situation like we’re in right now, where unemployment is at levels we haven’t seen since the Great Depression.

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wholesale jerseys About creating an experience for live music again, said Couri. Big driver for me is to prove it can work. It would give people hope that this can be repeated again and again in many different places. This is the time to take the wider view. Our political and economic response needs to give priority to what creates most employment and income so that we can fund our recovery. This does not mean any abandonment or neglect of the social economy, on the contrary, there are glaring examples in other countries, of the fatal error of neglecting the needs of our better selves by inadequately supporting spending on health, education, culture and voluntarism wholesale jerseys.