SH posted a video of their encounter to Snap Chat

So it was a very nice, nice day.”The cole L student was able to skip the last semester of Grade 8 and the first semester of Grade 9. “For me it was about pushing myself, trying new things, learning new things. I never really thought, “Oh, I a 15 year old going to university.”He proud of his sister.”It really nice ever since we were little playing together, teasing each other, and really as her older brother finally seeing her graduate and going to university warms my heart a little bit.”Despite the COVID 19 pandemic, cole L held a modified graduation, and Lina was presented with her diploma by her parents.”I was always picturing this moment when I was younger, so when I saw it happen I almost felt like I was in a dream,like wow is this really happening? Am I graduating?So I was very very happy..

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