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Nick himself adopts the A role later on, but he’s always Alison’s pawn, so even when he takes the mantle, it’s still her pulling the strings. Alison ultimately uses Nick as a scapegoat, letting her evade the law until Emily finally captures her and brings her to justice. But the series ends with Alison’s renewed scheming from prison, ominously stating she’ll be back to get them..

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Back Bowls of Colorado’s Vail Ski Resort. Courtesy Vail Ski Resort / Jack AffleckNow, let’s say you luck into a legit double digit powder day. The Vail Village crew is lining up at Gondola One some 45 minutes, maybe even an hour before the first chair.

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16th October 2011Tweet: “Protesters. Continue to be of good cheer, remain non violent, and above all else, operate from love occupywallstreet.” Rap mogul and activist Russell Simmons urges demonstrators taking part in the Occupy Wall Street marches in New York to stay peaceful following clashes with police on Saturday (15Oct11). The Crazy In Love hitmaker is due to return to the venue for two more concerts on Thursday (18Aug11) and Friday (19Aug11)..

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