But with the pandemic still nowhere near over

If you haven’t seen the inscription scratched into a rock along the trail, now’s a good time to check it out. It’s set behind iron bars. Don’t be fooled, though it’s a forgery from the 1920s, and was not etched in the 1500s by the famous friar, as it claims.

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CERB will be extended by eight weeksInitially, the CERB was designed to last four months, or 16 weeks. But with the pandemic still nowhere near over, and some Canadians who applied early now maxing out on their benefits, the government has elected to extend CERB by another eight weeks. That means that rather than 16 weeks of payments, Canadians will receive payments covering 24 weeks.

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Every division has a soft spot but it feels like 135 lbs has a soft spot featuring fighters who aren that entertaining to want to watch. It a correctable problem but the UFC has to attack it as if it is a problem. Even if it means chopping down your LW roster by 10 and just gambling on 10 women bantamweights.

1. The Killer Fisher Cat of PennsaukenThis is my favorite local wild and wacky animal “sighting” to date because, much like our friend the Phantom Snake, there’s been absolutely no physical evidence of its existence. But why let that stop the fun? Someone Googled a photo of a fisher cat “a cross between a cat and a fox, with the attitude of a wolverine” (sounds like my ex wife, heyooooo) and posted it to the Pennsauken Township Facebook page.

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