We are not sure what exact purpose this mechanism

Every time there is an epidemic, unscrupulous individuals inevitably appear, seeking to profit off of it. History bears this out: tonics with supposed healing powers have been around for hundreds of years. Most famously, Stanley’s Snake Oil Liniment developed by Clark Stanley, the Rattlesnake King, marketed in the late 1800s until 1916, was sold as a cure to many ailments, until it was determined by the Food and Drug Administration to have no medical value.

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They only had the Olympics going on. Right now, there no Olympics. There no Wimbledon. Hurricane Festival (June 20th 22nd): Here’s hoping the weather doesn’t live up to the name this year, Hurricane presents mainstream music in its coolest form with Arcade Fire and Volbeat heading the line up. With only 5,000 tickets left, be sure to hurry up and buy one for yourself before this event sells out. Sziget (August 11th 18th): It’s not always easy for the younger generations to find somewhere they can relax, have fun and generally do what they want to do, but when Sziget came about in 1993, there was finally a place for teens to enjoy great music and entertainment: the Island of Freedom! It is far from being just about the music though with so much going on from circus to theatre, and right next to the glorious Danube river.