The next year, Hanks starred in Forrest Gump, in

UC Berkeley has a reputation as an uber liberal protest school where not a single “Make America Great Again” hat is to be seen in daylight where, as a friend joked half seriously, “They’re all for free speech unless they disagree with you.” It’s a culturally diffusive infamy that extends to the city and its inhabitants as a whole. You’re probably familiar with it. In the same way people think of rodeoing cowboys or bolo tie wearing oil men with deep Southern drawls when they think of Texas, what often comes to mind when people think of UC Berkeley are the “Make Love, Not War” hippies, who infuriated Rob Riggle of “The Daily Show” enough that he ran through a wall and inspired a caricature in the recently released film “Zombieland: Double Tap” a pacifist, aptly named “Berkeley,” who draws Woody Harrelson’s character’s ire.

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