You never grow out of something like this

Nashville is a hub for bachelorette parties. On any given weekend, you’ll see troops of ladies marching in and out of honky tonks, hooting and hollering on pedal taverns, and running around town in tulle veils and flashing rings. But there’s a way to have a bachelorette party in Nashville that doesn’t entail any debauchery and instead embraces the many amenities the city has to offer.

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“Guys, wish me fckin luck,” she said in the background of a video shared on May 16. “I hope I don burn my pssy off.” In the short clip, Cardi is holding Veet Aloe Vera Legs Body Hair Remover Gel Cream ($8), which is supposed to remove body hair chemically by dissolving it at the root. It an easier process to sit through than waxing, but that doesn mean she was without concern when trying it.

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However, you probably wouldn’t guess that it’s something a man would use to shave his beard as it does sound a little feminine. The “ette” at the end is usually found in words associated with women such as bachelorette, barrette, or brunette. Ok that last one might be a little bit of a stretch.

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