“I was on an MHSAA wrestling committee probably four

But with all hands on deck from Team Sun for the deciding Game 5 of the 2015 ALDS, I was afforded a seat in the press box. In all honesty, I thought this one was over after the top of the seventh, when Jays catcher Russell Martin toss back to the pitcher mound ricocheted off of Shin Soo Choo bat, allowing Rougned Odor to score from third. Initially, plate umpire Dale Scott waved Odor back to third, but after a call to the league offices in New York, it was ruled that Scott had no grounds to call time and that the run should be allowed.

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Similarly Glencore also takes advantage of pricing anomalies in time. A commodity fluctuates in value quite wildly, at some times it is high and at other times its low. To manage this volatility producers enter into future contracts (see explanation in the box above).

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No matter what the final details, salons will be more spartan places in coming weeks. It’s another weird change that comes with living with Covid 19. That’s especially true in a space where many go for a couple hours of pampering and friendly banter.

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