Once The Lunch MOB is set up as your school’s lunch

The Rams opener against Dallas is the NBC Sunday night game on the opening week, while the Raiders first game in Las Vegas will be on Monday night in Week 2, against New Orleans. The Sept. 21 game also marks 50 years since the first Monday night game, and will be simulcast on ABC and ESPN..

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cheap nfl jerseys That means that not only are you providing your kids with healthy and nutritious food, you’re also supporting their education.How Does It Work?To receive healthy school lunches for your children at school, firstly The Lunch MOB will need to make an agreement to service your school. The school will need to contact us at (949) 656 4645 or e mail us at[email a parent interested in this service, we would suggest you speak to the school and ask them to get in contact for more information.Once The Lunch MOB is set up as your school’s lunch provider, you’ll receive a school code that you can use to sign up and register an account with us.Here’s where it gets more exciting. Once you have your account ready, you can start placing lunch orders for your child!Your school’s calendar menu will be available no later than two weeks before the start of the school year and you can see what’s available six weeks out at all times. cheap nfl jerseys

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