Louis’ Jordan Binnington each giving up tons of

McIntyreCouncilman Brian Kazy says constituents are fed up with exit ramp panhandlers. He and the police say they want to get them help and get them off the exit cheap jerseys nba ramps, but what they do is constitutionally protected. We spent some time on the ramp with a panhandler, the politician and the police.115 days agoByMichael K.

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Until the late 1950s, incidentally, Pine Mountain was called Chipley after an energetic railroad builder who still has a town in Florida named after him. Then, the Chipley City Council, with some nudging from the Callaways, decided that “Chipley” had neither the evocativeness nor the euphony necessary to attract visitors to our would be resort and recreational area. Against the opposition of some tradition minded residents who took pride in the old moniker, they instituted the change.

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