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After middle school, Hunter took his combo guard skills to Melrose and played his first two high school seasons there. Hunter decided to leave after coach Jermaine Johnson was fired as the team’s coach. Houston’s coach William Buford was more than happy to accept him.

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Apparently, some people have a real difficulty in making this transition. One of them is Jill Wolcott, a designer in the San Francisco area, who wrote a really lovely book of little girls clothes. She sent me a print out of the book to see because it only exists in electronic form right now.

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They not just for birthdays and holidays. If going to the movies is part of your monthly habits, and your finances still allow for a day of entertainment, consider purchasing a gift card that is the amount of a night out. For example, you a family of four who would be viewing the upcoming 2: World Tour, still set for a theatrical release April 10.

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A licorice whiff of basil, a flurry of Parm; simplicity can be sublime. The restaurant resides in an El Segundo strip mall near The Times’ office; thinking about the capellini reminds me of lunches with Food section colleagues a lifetime ago. Pickup or delivery.

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