It’s always been in our hands

In fact, Gasol launched more shots in the game first five minutes in Game 3 than he had in all of Game 2. Though he wasn connecting (just 1 for 7 from the field), Gasol was still strong, dishing out six assists, including the find of the game, a no look, spinning gem to set up a Fred VanVleet three pointer. He also often so good defensively that any offensive struggles get cancelled out.

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As is, he has a cheap jerseys young QB, an unproven running back, and a defense with some good D backs and very little else of note, and they are still considered to be a contender. Why? Mike Shanahan. He’s simply the cream of the crop. 4. West Coast time. The 49ers’ only losses of the season, to the Seahawks and Ravens, have come on last play field goals.

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This wasn his day job, however. At that time he was designing concepts for going to Mars or returning to the moon. But he was able to devote some of his working hours to the New Initiatives program and the Space Educator Handbook, although he worked on it on his own time as well.

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