If they have all the answers to the problems the

Personally, I don think Mikey vs. Linares is a great fight. It a decent one, but hardly a great one. “When you watch the last few games of the season, you can see the benefit that [Young] has for everybody else up front in just creating one on ones,” Jeremiah said. “He draws so much attention. He’s the best player in this draft class.

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The 49ers have the Internal IT factor. Obvious these guys play together and have a great team dynamic working. It really has been next man up. Other people have had the honor of lying in honor, which is a very different thing. But it’s going to be a ceremony that includes a wreath laying from the majority leader in the House sorry the majority leader in the Senate, and the speaker of the House and Vice President Mike Pence. So that will that’s today.

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