When he was hired as Baltimore’s head coach in 1963

17 OF Julian Escobedo, San Diego State; No. 18 RHP Matt Waldron, University of Nebraska; No. 19 RHP Kevin Kelly, James Madison (Va.); No. Before he was a coach, Don Shula was a player a defensive back mostly with the Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Colts. When he was hired as Baltimore’s head coach in 1963, Shula was just 33, at that time the NFL’s youngest head coach ever. He led the Colts to seven winning seasons and the Super Bowl..

A few years ago, we received the USDA Loving Support Award of Excellence gold premiere, which could not have been possible without the great work being done by all to support breastfeeding mothers. Currently, the SBC WIC program has 52.3 percent of infants at six months receiving breastmilk, whereas statewide rates are around 35 percent. This takes the whole community to support breastfeeding as the norm, not just one program..

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The USS Midway Museum is closed to the public effective March 16. All special events, military ceremonies, school visits and other activities have been canceled. San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park announced March 30 that both parks will be closed until further notice.

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