As hard as it is to forgive, we should aim to

Give thanks you have insurance if your house burnt down. Give thanks you have beautiful children if your spouse runs off with another. Give thanks you have so much to eat if you are struggling with your weight. Some people sat in their cars. Some sat in chairs. Elle Walsh, a home care nurse from Eliot, Maine, stood in her space the entire first show, bopping to the music..

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The Roots took to their kid sized toy instruments, including xylophone, bongos, rattlers, wood blocks and drums, while a chorus of children chimed in on background vocals of course, Mariah’s powerful vocals give things a bit of authenticity. However, we reckon the highlight of the evening was Questlove’s holiday sweater a disastrously cream Christmas zip down creation. Fallon started things off, singing the ditty’s opening lines, “I don’t want a lot for Christmas.

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