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In the very first game of the BRICS Games in Guangzhou last month, India were down by 10 to China, 38 28 at halftime. The deficit, considering the circumstances, wasn’t really a worry up: China were always going to be heavy favourites over a developing Indian basketball team and the BRICS Games were largely serving as practice for the larger challenge ahead, the FIBA Asia Cup in August. India were playing in the tournament without star big man Amritpal Singh, but had seen good early performances by their other two stars Amjyot Singh and Vishesh Bhriguvanshi..

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Clark pounced on Anthopoulos’s original comments as clear evidence of “coordination” union code for collusion among teams regarding free agency. The comments, Clark said, “call into question the integrity of the entire free agent system. The clear description of club coordination is egregious, and we have launched an immediate investigation looking into the matter.”.

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So I started out right from the get go with no benefits, no safety net, no money, no nothing. And each year that I got farther away from the kids that I gone to school with, they were advancing in the corporate world, and they were having children and settling down, and doing all the things you supposed to do, and I was this rambling boy. I was here, there and everywhere, and I have not changed one bit.

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