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Do you mean using SI instead of Imperial units? What difference would it make? For instance Exercises IX (Chapter XI) says:(4) A piece of string 30 inches long has its two ends joined together and is stretched by 3 pegs so as to form a triangle. What is the largest triangular area that can be enclosed by the string?Just replace inches with your linear measure of choice, mm, rods, poles, chains, stadia, light years, or anything else; it makes no difference to the problem. P111:15.

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Canada Goose Online He will on Friday join panellists including the deputy secretary at NSW Department of Premier Cabinet, CEO of Campbelltown City Council and the acting CEO of the National Faster Rail Agency. Campbelltown council has been lobbying the NSW government for a fast rail connection in Campbelltown. Of the four potential routes being considered by the government, the council sees a train to Canberra, via Goulburn, as the best option. Canada Goose Online

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