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The first thing Mitchell Ness does is work with >> The first thing Mitchell Ness does is work with
Date: 8 Jan 2016 | Posted: writer

I was lucky enough that did happen at Lowellville. I counting on that experience, along with all the seniors and a good group of underclassmen, to build on what Amy (Dolsak) has done add some things and try not to screw it up. 35, said he like to keep what Rasile has implemented in his program.

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Edwards had a 30 point game against defending Class AAA state champ University. A 76% foul shooter, Edwards knocked knocked down 52 trifectas and averaged 13.9 points to go along with six assists. May was the catalyst in helping Tug Valley reach the big dance as the Panthers eliminated Parkersburg Catholic in the regional.

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