The first thing he did after his election was to

There were reporters to one up. Priorities. In fact, it seems he loves them. The two major cannabis bills Gardner sponsors one to increase access to banking and capital for the cannabis industry and one to codify federal protections for states that choose to legalize marijuana have not advanced in the Senate at all, despite the banking bill passing the House with a bipartisan majority last fall. Gardner does not support any bill that would legalize cannabis nationwide.”At some point, I have to go to Cory Gardner and say, ‘Why should the industry continue to support you?'” said Marijuana Policy Project’s Don Murphy, a former Republican lawmaker in Maryland. “I know you’re trying, but you’re not getting anything.”Gardner has one major opportunity left to prove he can bring cannabis legislation home for Coloradans: He needs to add language that would give marijuana companies access to financial services the industry’s No.

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“I’m 55 years old and I come home to a house that’s just me and my two little dogs, so I don’t have anybody that I’m going to expose it to in my house. And my kids are all grown up, all independent,” Gwen said. “But I do get scared that I might be asymptomatic in that I’m not showing signs of it and that I would pass it on to my patients.

Scott: Yep. Again, this is the second part of that episode. You could pick it up right here and get some great information, or what we recommend is go back and listen to last week’s episode before you get into this one, so that you can know what we’re talking about in the wholesale nfl jerseys from china rest of the today’s episode..

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