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I was actually hoping to lure people in who live in a town like that right now, or grew up in a town like that. Hopefully, they fall in love with the characters, and then by the end it might make them think a little bit more about that one immigrant family in town. Because for whatever reason, in the whitest towns in the country, there’s always one POC family or one immigrant family..

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I, on the other hand, due to a combination of being busy with work and us both taking care of the kids (especially during the lockdown), find myself with a decreased sexual drive. Because of all my (and our) obligations, I find myself alternating between a state of tiredness, anxiousness or distraction, none of which get me “in the mood.” We’ve talked about the situation, and he is absolutely respectful when we do so, but he has made it clear he’s very frustrated. I think once a week is more than enough and he could go multiple times a day.

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