In the end, Linda problem wasn so tough

“Other relationships caused difficulties for Wells at Rust. In late 1885, she referred to her tenure at Rust as “my darkest days.” Ida’s fiery temper often got her in trouble, and a confrontation with President Hooper apparently led to her dismissal sometime in 1880 or 1881. For years she resented him tremendously for her expulsion, but in June 1886 she admitted to herself that her own “tempestuous, rebellious, hard headed wilfulness” was to blame.

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The Faimon Farming Strategy is simple. Run the mission Faimon: Path (Hell) with one strong monster and 3 “fodder” monsters you mean to sacrifice later on. The fodder monsters can be just about anything you won’t miss. Instead, just STAY FRIENDS. Offer to help her out around the house. Ask her how she’s doing every once in while.

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