Eat more high fibre food such as fruits

These shoppers are cottage users, tourists, visiting family members. Sales are brisk and households tend to loosen the purse strings and enjoy the summer barbeque’s. This time of the year for grocery retailers is gravy time, we don’t have to work very hard for sales.

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Keep herb plants trimmed and bushy. By consistently pruning your herb plants you will create a shorter path for nutrients and allow the leaves to grow fuller and quicker. Keep the plants short through trimming as well and increase the density of the leaves.

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Indigenous patients, I seen repeatedly people saying get free health care, they should be grateful they are even in a hospital, they got a free ride here anyway, they just here to look around town. It is where these original biases come out. 2015 report entitled Peoples, Second Class Treatment documented the link between racism toward Indigenous patients and poor health outcomes..

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