And despite the outrageous costumes and hair

While the production design overflows with Liberace’s “palatial kitsch” design sensibility, Soderbergh keeps the story and characters grounded, finding humour in unexpected places (Lowe’s over lifted face is hilarious). And despite the outrageous costumes and hair, the actors never camp up their performances, which cleverly holds the story in a delicate balance between sharp comedy and involving drama. In this sense, LaGravenese’s script is particularly clever, peppering the dialog with telling details that gives us a remarkably well rounded picture of the interaction between these men.

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Biden’s willingness to speak outside the boundaries of political correctness is refreshing. When he yelled at a Detroit auto plant worker (and this was when he was still campaigning for the Michigan primary and needed votes) and refused to placate him on gun rights “I’m not taking your gun away at all. You need 100 rounds?” I thought, “Fantastic.” Finally, a candidate stands up to the gun obsessed..

Mindy: Yeah, today’s show is for anyone who likes to travel and doesn’t want to pay full price. We’re talking to Lee Huffman from Bald Thoughts about his experiences and tips for getting the most out of his travelling dollars. But before we continue, I want to say who this show is not for.

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