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The Chiefs will move forward without injured Tyreek

LunarFurniture.com >> The Chiefs will move forward without injured Tyreek
Date: 24 Sep 2015 | Posted: writer

It usually goes a little over that, but we try to do around 45 minutes, try to get out by the top of the hour. We’ll see. I’m recording here, I’m recording there. Mecole Hardman, KC, vs. Baltimore: With all the damage Demarcus Robinson did in Week 2, it’s easy to view Hardman’s own production (4 61 1) as a bit of a disappointment. The Chiefs will move forward without injured Tyreek Hill with those two wideouts, along with Sammy Watkins and tight end Travis Kelce, in an offense that has proven it won’t slow down regardless of who’s missing.

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