But just as he was about to score

Smith added that the Ravens, a heavy man coverage defense, did their best to make their zone defenses appear to be man coverage and vice versa. Against three wide receiver sets, Baltimore would use a lot of man coverage, and against Houston’s two tight end formations, the Ravens mixed between man and zone. That uncertainty, combined with the effective pass rush, kept Watson off balance all game..

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The frustration, and fear, of the players has been on palpable display in the days since. Fred VanVleet, who is as fierce a competitor as there is on the basketball court, an undrafted bulldog of a player who has set himself for a massive free agency contract, on Tuesday sounded like he did not give a whit about getting ready for a playoff series. Norm Powell said he knew that players had delivered a unified message, what next? Because this is still happening.

The Chiefs will be closely monitoring that game in Foxborough, among others. At the end of the day, they could be the second, third or fourth seed in the AFC. They’d move up to second if they win this game and the Patriots lose. Thirteen is best known for its reputed association with bad luck, especially on Fridays that fall on the 13th of a month, but the number is also noteworthy for its mathematical properties. This article lists interesting math facts about the number 13, including one that acknowledges its superstitious side. Readers will meet concepts from number theory and geometry, including definitions and applications of prime numbers and the Fibonacci sequence.

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