The ball is wiped down before each game

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wholesale jerseys Chronic apathy took root, and they finished last in the NL in attendance nine of the past 10 years.But last season Miami improved by 15 wins to 77 85, and then drew a lot of attention in the offseason with a series of aggressive moves, most notably signing slugger Giancarlo Stanton to a record $325 million, 13 year contract.was a lot of surprise that it was the Marlins, that we were able to retain our superstar, president of baseball operations Michael Hill said. Glad Giancarlo had belief in what we trying to do here, and I glad Jeffrey gave us the opportunity to make it happen. Marlins national profile has changed, Samson said.I look at Giancarlo Stanton as the face of our franchise, he also the face of baseball, having him here in Miami, which is a hugely important city for MLB because the globalization of the game is important, Samson said wholesale jerseys.