“At age 8 I was diagnosed with non Hodgkin’s

“People need to see what it feels like for a kid,” she said.The story, as negative as it started, has some silver linings, Diane said. They had a conversation with their children about how it would be easy to hate, but love is the better choice. “Why can’t we hate them back?” Serenity had asked.”We are literally trying our best to teach them to love when hate feels so right and easy at times,” Diane wrote.Plus, her Facebook post was met with a wave of support in the comments that Diane said was encouraging to the couple.Antonio, a senior pastor at Transformation Church in Trenton, in his post asked Morrisville’s chief, George McClay, to call out racism publicly.The chief did, and called Antonio personally.”The words and actions of this one individual, who lives in a community across the river, reflects poorly on our own community and should not be tolerated by anyone in our community,” McClay said in a statement, also posted to Facebook.McClay, on Friday, said he knows exactly who the man was, as he is familiar to many police officers and residents.

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