Approaching current and former staff at the

The review will evaluate the conduct of current employees and whether it merits punishment, as well as any policy improvements needed in light of Flynn’s case. The review comes after the Justice Department dropped its case against Flynn, even though Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI.”The after action review will have a two fold purpose: (1) evaluate the relevant facts related to wholesale jerseys from china the FBI’s role in the Flynn investigation and determine whether any current employees engaged in misconduct, and (2) evaluate any FBI policies, procedures, or controls implicated by the Flynn investigation and identify any improvements that might be warranted,” the FBI said in a statement provided to CBS News. Attorney Jeff Jensen.Attorney General William Barr told CBS News in an exclusive interview earlier this month that the department believes “a crime cannot be established here because there was not, in our view, a legitimate investigation going on.CBS News’ Catherine Herridge discusses FISA and Michael Flynn on “The Takeout”Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has declassified a list of the names of Obama administration officials who requested intelligence reports that “unmasked” Michael Flynn’s identity in 2016 and 2017.

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