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America cities have undergone a renaissance. There are more women in the workforce. They earning more money. The current creative directive at Dior, Simmons accepted the position in 2012 after building a name for himself in fashion. Simon’s Dior collections bring back some of the original looks of himself with a modern touch of style. The collections so far feature Dior’s classic A lines and the infamous Bar jacket designed back in 1947.

I ask because now that we are rounding the first week of Ireland phase one of the roadmap to reopening, it a good time to reflect. We met a few years ago when we both spoke at the same conference. Last week it was wonderful to reconnect as we spoke together once again through WhatsApp..

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“There are options out there that are a little more cookie cutter, but we’ve never wanted to do anything that way,” Perlow said. “It makes for a lot more work for us and a lot more creative energy, but we’re also confident that people will love the graduation videos that we make. The extra work will pay off.

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