Well someone has to, so we do

Is technically very good, said Wheeldon Jr. Has a great passing range that creates a ton of goal scoring opportunities. He adds versatility to our attacking depth and is one of the hardest working players I seen. Also Read:Teary eyed Rana Kapoor tells court no fraud at Yes Bank, not running anywhereAs per CBI’s charge sheet, during April June 2018, Yes bank invested Rs 3,700 crore in short term debentures of DHFL. Simultaneously, Wadhwan paid a kickback of Rs 600 crore to Kapoor and his family members under the garb of loans worth Rs 600 given by DHFL to Doit Urban Ventures (Rana Kapoor’s daughter’s family).Also Read:Court orders police custody for former Yes Bank MD CEO Rana Kapoor till March 11As per Rajendra Mirashie’s statement to ED (President Project Finance of DHFL), the company had sanctioned and disbursed loan of Rs 600 crore to Doit Urban Ventures India Private Limited in 2018 for repayment of an earlier loan of Rs 300 crore and rest for general corporate purpose. Against this, five properties were given as collateral by DUVPL, which DHFL had valued at Rs 735 crore, as per valuation based on future development potential and Wadhwan’s instructions.

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