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Viscerally, it feels as if there’s less action in a >> Viscerally, it feels as if there’s less action in a
Date: 6 Jan 2016 | Posted: writer

LeBron and MJ are forever linked. So, if this Jordan documentary received rave reviews, it’s worth wondering whether James will get his own years from now. After all, his third title, the signature one to this point, pushed him closer to Jordan in ring count and GOAT status.

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I don’t even think we bought it right. You know, we just, we got appreciation, we bought it really low and then I was like, man, I need to do that again. Like, I just made way more than I did as a realtor selling this house. Do the math: If more plate appearances are ending in home runs and, of course, strikeouts, headed for a record for the 12th straight year and with 23 in the All Star Game fitting right in then there’s a lower percentage of at bats that can end in everything else. Viscerally, it feels as if there’s less action in a baseball game. Statistically, it’s undeniable..

In some senses Religion of Sports is trying to upend the idea of a network in the same way that Players Tribune has. The internet has given a means for any group equipped with enough of a following and the means to produce quality content to set themselves up as a new take on the ESPN model. You don need a because the site and its attendant mobile app are the channel existing alongside other methods for distribution..

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