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Classic example of this is the downfall in technology stocks post dot com bust. The stocks were in downtrend for months and ruled 52 week low list for long period of time, before disappearing from the trading screens. If one would have bought into one such name just because it is quoting at one year low, he would have lost his capital..

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The point of this is to give these companies an opportunity to shift their products now that they’ve committed to making real change. I am not in the business of embarrassing companies for fun or sport. My goal is and has always been to see positive changes that serve the best interests of consumers.

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Fighting for LoveHow to make this relationship work? Just be yourselves. Don’t try to muddy the waters for no reason. You need to listen to each other, stay cool, and be in consistent communication with each other. Your complete iTunes media library will be accessible from your device anytime. You can download any song of your library by simply clicking on the iCloud icon next to it either using a wi fi connection or cellular network. This will save you tons of space on your iPhone disk because you will only select and download those songs which are needed.

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