US$2,500 per day for hospitalization, three times

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September: Try to RememberSeptember can tend be a month of changes, the seasons in temperate climates or schools for the younger contingent. Historically, September has also changed people’s lives. Some need loads of equipment, while others can be played simply with dice, a story and an imagination.

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But on my own, I also put in some very loud home installed devices that go off VERY loudly the moment anyone attempts to get in, before the ADT stuff even senses it this alerts the neighbors, and I live on a street with mostly retirees and/or at home workers who are very diligent about watching/listening to what is going on, on the street. Someone did try to pry open my back door storm door once and the second the alarm went off, my two neighbors behind me called the police AND had taken photos of the person with cameras (they ran without attempting to go further). It pays to know your neighbors these days..

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