Today, Erwitt says, ad agencies and clients tell

Forget about the 1 3 Browns. Josh McCown gave them a shot against the Chargers, but Mike Pettine hot seat isn any cooler. In the past three games, Philip Rivers, Marcus Mariota and Derek Carr have thrown for 929 yards against his defense, with seven touchdowns, no interceptions and a combined quarterback rating of 109.9.

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It was up to the photographer, and his or her eye. Today, Erwitt says, ad agencies and clients tell commercial photographers exactly what they want, before the camera sees anything. The Suits may have found a bar they like, and want it shot from various angles.

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ATLANTA (AP) The arrival of Tom Brady in Tampa Bay has turned the NFC South into what Atlanta Falcons coach Dan Quinn calls Quarterback South. Saints starter Drew Brees and Brady are the NFL’s all time leaders in yards passing. Atlanta’s Matt Ryan is No.