Tickets are $15, $25, $45, $65, and $85 (plus

Engelbart was born Jan. 30, 1925, in Portland, Ore. He enrolled at Oregon State University but was drafted into the Navy before he graduated. “I know I am doing this job in a male dominated world and the thing that really warmed my heart happened when I was in Minnesota and a girl held up a sign for me and said she wants to be like me when she grows up,” Marakovits said. “Many young girls have said they want to be like me. But I say ‘Don’t be like me, be better than me.’ If I can have someone look up to me and see this job as a legitimate goal for them, that’s super meaningful.

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The terminals are open only to ticketed passengers, airport employees and visitors meeting arriving passengers. BWI has also restricted access to its terminal to ticketed passengers and airport staff. Since the outbreak, the cleaning crew has doubled down on handrails, elevator buttons and other oft handled surfaces.

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