Three homes in Ohio and Illinois got two out of five

Like, how do you kind of approach the whole thing. So, today’s show was unbelievable. I absolutely love this guy and I think you guys are going to like him as well. “When someone in the community raises concerns, it is your jobs to listen, not to try to them or make their concerns seem illegitimate based on a group you think they belong to,” Lane said. “This is conduct unbecoming of a city official. I would like to remind you, you are meant to serve the community.”.

I have been sitting on the patio of the hotel, looking out on the harbor, eating breakfast, sipping cocoa and knitting. It a little chilly, but I wearing a shawl (my Winter Seas shawl, designed by Emma Fassio), and I pretty comfortabel. It a perfect autumn morning.

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Guyanese, in and out of Guyana, would be shocked to know who some of the people who contacted me, to ascertain if the article was factual, were. The list includes highly (yes highly educated people who went to foreign universities of repute) educated Guyanese, business people and politicians. I would love to tell you who these people are.

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