The Redskins’ offense could not produce a single

While Kilmer was willing, particularly in the third quarter when the Redskins were behind 14 0, he simply was not good enough today. The Redskins’ offense could not produce a single point, although twice in the third period it moved to Miami’s 17 and 44 yard lines. In the fourth period the Redskins reached the Dolphin 10.

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I thought it was a catch when I looked at it, but the NFL observer, whose seat is next to mine at FedEx Field, said that in his opinion, the ball was still moving around from the time that Jackson brought it in and landed. He is not the person who makes the call on the replay, but in his opinion, had Jackson secured the ball for a second, and then it popped out as the defender landed on top of him, then it would’ve been a catch. That’s what he told me as we watched the replays on his TV screen..

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But what he does have now, which he hasn’t had since Week 3, is a fully healthy Calvin Johnson. It also helps that he now has Miami’s No. 2 pass defense in his rear view mirror; from here through Week 16, Stafford, Megatron and Golden Tate get to feast on terrible secondaries (Arizona, Chicago, Tampa Bay) in four of their next six games.

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