“The Nationals didn’t lose because Rendon struck out

I’m thinking that, against Philly, McNabb will rebound as long as the coaching staff doesn’t overreact to any after the by week rust. cheap nfl jerseys The o line should be rested and I’m hoping that the Shanahans will see the value in committing to the run during the first half, something everybody expected they would do. If the Skins can run the ball effectively, that will create opportunities to go play action and help McNabb regain his pro bowl form.

I’m not only just a safety, I’m an athlete… I want to be a ball hawk. “I told him he was wrong, maybe a couple other words,” Rendon said about his exchange with Bucknor. “I know better in that situation not to get tossed, but he definitely got the best of me, so..” he trailed off. “Happens.”The Nationals didn’t lose because Rendon struck out.

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Jerricho Cotchery is continuing to nurse his pulled hamstring. He did not practice this week either. Braylon Edwards performed phenomenally since joining the Jets. PFF has an early second round grade on Day, but he is showing up in the late Day 2 and early Day 3 range on most boards. This may be due to his modest measureables and athletic testing results at the combine. But his production was excellent in 2015, earning the second highest grade among interior defensive linemen (behind only Oregon’s DeForest Buckner, a likely top 10 pick) and performing equally well as a run defender and as a pass rusher.

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