The term “neuroplasticity” was realized

One of Shigeta’s best known later roles was a small but pivotal part in the first “Die Hard” movie (1988), in which he played corporate executive Joseph Takagi. He’s shot by terrorists in the head when he refuses to give them the codes to a vault. Film critic Matt Zoller Seitz wrote that the actor gave a performance embodying bravery that showed someone “about to die can steal back a bit of dignity by summoning their courage and refusing to be cowed.”.

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However, whereas a machine is permanently ‘hardwired’ in a certain fashion, it is being discovered that the brain is more like a nest of self correcting ivy lines. The term “neuroplasticity” was realized, coming from the terms “neuro” referring to the neurons that make up our brains, and “plastic” meaning “changeable, modifiable”, in the way plasticine is malleable. Children are not always ‘condemned’ to be stuck with the mental disabilities they’re born with.

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