This set is actually listed as a 1992 set by Topps

“I don’t take responsibility at all,” the president declared in March, responding to a question about delays in coronavirus testing a sentiment that Frum imagines will double as “history’s epitaph on his presidency.”After two books and one term of Donald Trump, Frum can’t seem to take it anymore; the Trumpocalypse wrought by this Trumpocracy is just too much. “Over the past four years, I have thought and spoken and written about Donald Trump almost more than I can bear,” he confesses. (I feel you, David.) “We have to believe this shameful episode will end soon,” he writes, and that Trump will occupy “the very lowest place on the roster of ex presidents.”A plausible outcome, particularly with tens of thousands of American deaths and tens of millions of Americans newly unemployed because of the coronavirus.

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