All say he was the best player ever for the Chicago

I completely agree with the above post. We can disagree and still be respectful of the person we disagree with. We do that by listening carefully, asking questions, and responding to what they say in a polite manner without resorting to childish name calling.

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A short time after bedding down, “suddenly, from all around us, came a blood curdling sound of the simultaneous snapping of teeth from vast numbers of the enemy, followed by the appearance of a crowd of charging black animals, rushing with wonderful speed towards a common centre, the fort.” And, further on, “.. The extremely disagreeable and nauseous odors of the animals, their snapping of teeth, like musketry file firing, the reports of the firearms, the shouts of the men, the howling and barking of the dogs, and the dim light, created an indescribably strange and exciting scene.” This modern day reader couldn’t help visualize the whole scene (and several ensuing attacks by other peccary herds) as some sort of modern day horror film. Or maybe the next Indiana Jones.