I saw lots of older couples as well as small groups

There’s also a sense of nostalgia over at The Big Top this year. The big names there include Billy Idol, Groove Armada, Paul Oakenfold and The Charlatans. It’s not a complaint, but there seems to be less room for newer names alongside these heritage acts on the Isle of Wight bill this time around..

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These rocks are part of the early solar system and at least 4.6 billion years old. They are rich in mineral content, and collectors across the world pay millions to get their hands on them. To date, more than 60,000 meteorite falls have been documented.

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This April, we’re once again stressed out, frantic, and panicked, but for a whoooole other set of reasons. Pandemic! Economic collapse! Toilet paper shortage! Our annual Best Of issue has, of course, been put on hold. (Not a lot of sense in writing about restaurants people can’t try and museums people can’t visit and athletes people can’t watch.).

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Unlike in the time period immediately preceding the Great Depression, Trump said, doing it the right way. We have a lot of great students of finance, I one of them, and we throwing money at it. Took comfort that despite the record number of people unemployed, they interpreted the Friday jobs report to indicate that the majority of people expected to return to work soon.

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