Ruby and sapphire are made of the same oxide! Both

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10 years on, my son is still being held in jail. He was going to the South Bank University when he was kidnapped and Unlawfully detained. I have a Diploma in Law and Human rights,, I want the whole world to hear this. Ruby and sapphire are made of the same oxide! Both are simple aluminum oxides (Al2O3), but crystallize in trigonal symmetry under pressure and temperature just imagine an entire mountain sitting on a piece of aluminum foil. So, the great majority of these gems occur in metamorphic (recrystallized rock) environments, with some found in what are known as skarn (thermally metamorphosed marble), and others in unusual, silica poor, aluminum rich, igneous rocks known as lamprophyres or syenites. Being aluminum oxide, the mineral, known to geologists as corundum, is naturally transparent.

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