If you on Ravelry, Linda is OatieP2, and you can see

Despite rigid stay at home orders, hundreds of new cases are still reported each day. The number of known novel coronavirus cases in the greater Washington region has passed 70,000, and more than 3,000 people have died of covid 19, the disease the virus causes. The newly reported cases tend to stem from confined living quarters such as nursing homes and jails or are among essential workers and those who can’t afford to miss work or are unable to telecommute..

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My husband, Phil, and I both played golf last week with our Friday groups; golf is not nearly as social as it has been in the past. Everyone drove to the course separately, then rode in separate newly sanitized carts at the course. We didn’t wear face masks while playing, but maintained a safe distance from each other..

And, of course the area that you have heard about. The Tasting Room. Here you’ll be able to taste different drinks that Coca Cola makes around the world. The decline of football’s popularity at Berkeley is, however, more than an aggregate of personal stories like mine. After all, we’ve established that as late as 2009, Cal was crazy for America’s pastime. There islikely a combination of factors at work: a slumping football team, the recession, HD television, increasing evidence on the dangers of the game, reduced capacity at Memorial Stadium and, yes, Bay Area culture or counterculture, more precisely..

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