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cheap nfl jerseys Barber said there’s a team at the library now working on how to provide other services going forward, such as a possible curbside pickup service.”It’s not necessarily a start and finish, he said. Have the flexibility as the scene changes and as services are provided to call back some of the people that we need to provide the services.”Barber said the library branches likely wouldn’t open until the fourth phase of the province reopen plan, but things still wouldn’t be completely open.”There would still be safety requirements and protocols in place that would mean that we would have to limit particular kinds of services at the moment, certainly the number of people in our locations,” said Barber.”The physical distancing requirements, as well as the cleaning requirements and safety protocols, make some of the things that we traditionally do problematic at the moment.”There are problems that need to be solved before the libraries can open things like spacing out seating, possibly needing to control customer flow in the branches, and sanitizing materials.Barber said it can be difficult to sanitize books, though some libraries are looking at setting materials aside when they’re returned until the virus would die in a few days. But even that could pose a space problem, according to Barber.”At any given moment we have about 100,000 to 120,000 items out, so in terms of the volumes that we work with, that’s really unmanageable, he said.The digital offerings at the library have been very popular during the pandemic; they include eBooks and audiobooks but also some streaming TV and movies. cheap nfl jerseys

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