Provide players with clear guidance on the safe

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wholesale nfl jerseys An adequate level of physical preparedness is required to underpin the return to international cricket.”Chartered flights, social distancingOne of the major suggestions in terms of travelling is that the Boards should consider chartered flights and seat spacing to ensure social distancing.The boards should “check government requirements on resuming international travel and the potential need for self isolation or quarantine on individual players or teams on entering another country and returning to their country.”The transports should be cleaned regularly and there should be seat spacing, use of PPE and distance (time and space) between the arrival of teams at match venues.In terms of accommodation, boards should consider dedicated hotel floor, single rooms, food quality and hygiene. International teams should strongly consider travelling with a medical doctor. Back wholesale jerseys to playAssess the extent to which the COVID 19 virus is active in:The community where trainings and/or match(es) will be conducted and take the necessary precautions to minimise risks to participants.The community(ies) of the competitor(s) and put in place mitigation plans for each team based on the COVID 19 risk of their respective communities.The community’s ability to manage CV 19 cases medically where training and/or match(es) will be conducted.Consider the need for medical resources for a series or event and ensure it does not compromise on public health CV 19 efforts.Appoint on call doctors for each venue to provide medical cover for match officials and other participants.Consider necessary specialist and hospital support in case a participant contracts COVID 19.Provide players with clear guidance on the safe management of the ball. wholesale nfl jerseys

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